March 21, 2017 Development 0



In the latest build of Orsilus, we decided to make a massive change and move to iMessage as the main collaboration and communication tool rather than using the custom built Kornerstone messaging system.




Having taken in feedback from users and beta-testers, the features people seem to want most are: –

  • Room feature improvment (Reverb, Distance / Filter effects based on room position )
  • Core Midi Input
  • Midi Arranger
  • Performance enhancements
  • Inter-app Audio

While the Kornerstone messaging system was more integrated into Orsilus meaning you never had to leave the app, it also took alot of development time as I was essentaially building an instant messaging service within a music app. Also Kornerstone’s group messaging features were not proving robust enough out in the open. Looking at the features that people most wanted, I decided it would be better to use iMessage for the foreseable future to allow me to spend more time adding the audio based features users really wanted.

Right now the user base is not that big so I am hoping and the numbers seem to suggest, not too many people will be affected by the change.


You can find out more information on how sharing / collaboration with iMessage works here : –